Experiencing the World…how come you haven’t move from your couch??

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. Saint Augustine Travel is one of my passions and I just think about a new place to visit… Continue reading

Making The Most Of Mobile: 2 Ways to Engage Mobile Audiences

Back in March I attended a Digital Brand Masterclass organized by Masterclassing where there were executives from different companies and industries such as publishing, hospitality, TV networks, banks, entertainment, food and beverage, information… Continue reading

7 Actionable Tips to Get Noticed Online & Offline

Finding your dream job and having a well established career path is not easy. It takes time and work but it’s not impossible. Most People think that when you start looking for a… Continue reading

Content is King and Distribution is Queen but both are lost without a “Strategy”

King is King wherever he goes but still the King needs guidance on knowing where he needs to direct his efforts and his people. You need to know where you are going in… Continue reading

Graphic Description of Social Media

I’m a visual person and therefore I believe that you don’t need many words if one image explains it and that’s what our Professor Joanne Tombrakos asked us to do this week for… Continue reading

The tales of a Hotel and Newsjacking…

I always have thought that the best way to explain or describe things is to present them as simple as possible. That’s why I’m going to ask you, do you remember when you… Continue reading

#2 Recipe for Failing in PR: Main ingredient “one mistake”

I want to start this blog by asking you when was the last time you made a mistake? For sure it wasn’t a long time ago or maybe, just minutes or hours ago.… Continue reading

Recipe for Successful Marketing: Main ingredient “Big Data”

  Talking to a friend the other day while we were working on a project, I mentioned that we should analyze a certain product instead of another one and she turned to me… Continue reading

Who cares about the content, if the context is not right?

I remember when I was a child and was looking forward to watching TV and how if I wanted to speak to somebody I needed to make a phone call or go in… Continue reading

1,2,3 Tips in Content Marketing + Going Local!

Every time that I read an article about storytelling or content marketing it brings me back to my teenage years. Back in high school when teachers were telling us, “remember when you write,… Continue reading